I. Advantage of Products:

produce round duct elbow, fabricated fittings and fittings production. This machine is a cost-effective solution for the production of welded elbows, reducers, end caps and off-sets for HVAC, downspout and exhausting systems. Low power consumption, easy operating and adjustment provides you the power to fabricate hundred of fittings instore per day.

It’s a two side machine with two separate working sites. One side is a Flanger/Swager to flange one side of a cylindrical gore. On the same side by switching mode crank – upper table goes dawn and operator is swaging the connecting side of the next gore. On the second side (opposite end) of the machine (lock seam clsoser side), at the same time another operator finalizes the operation by closing the seam into a standing rib.

II. Function:

III. Working Schematic Diagram

IV. Main Technical Parameters