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Flange-to-flange joints are widely used to connect pipes in dust and fume control applications, in outdoor applications, and for additional strength in high positive or high negative pressure applications.
The basic flange-to-flange joints consist of two facing flanges which are fastened to the ends of the the spiral pipe with screws, pop-rivets, or sometimes by tack welding-except in the case of Vanstone flanges, which do not require fastening to the duct under standard loading conditions. The two flanged ends are then fastened together with bolts, screws, or flange clamps.
Bolts are used for permanent installations and when the pipe must mate with fans or other air moving equipment. In installations where there is a need for frequent maintenance or cleaning, flange clamps are used.
Spiral Manufacturing offers three configurations of flange-to-flange joints: (1) Angle Ring flanges, (2) the most-widely-used Vanstone flanges, and (3) Engineered flange systems, such as Accuflange, Spiralmate, and Wonderflange.
Spiral Manufacturing offers precision-made, labor-saving, and installation-ready Vanstone flanges direct from our factory.
Flange-to-flange joints are available for both single and double wall spiral pipe.
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